Felted Wool Nativity Set from Bethlehem: ethical Christmas decor that empowers people with special needs

Many people are increasingly concerned with ethical, fair trade shopping and hunt for meaningful Christmas gifts and ethically made decorations. This felted wool nativity set of 10 pieces appears deceptively simple. In reality, the process of hand crafting each of the 10 pieces makes this the most special nativity you can gift someone! Ma'an Lil Hayyat, a wonderful project that serves people with special needs in Bethlehem, lovingly makes these and other Christmas decoration (check out our holiday collection here). Read on to learn about the process of creating this unique felted wool nativity sets.

First, the wool must be cleaned and dyed. Then it is brought to the table where it goes through a process of felting.

The wool is covered with soapy water and folded into ribbons before it is stretched out and evenly distributed into a rope-like piece.

Then it is rolled like a snake from playdough before it is wound up and passed on to the next person. Three more people share the work of continuing to felt the wool into yarn, rolling in on mats with soapy water. After it is put out to dry in the warm Palestinian sun, it goes to another room where it is wrapped and glued onto the lasered wooden pieces.

The set includes four animals, the holy family and the three wisemen. Sometimes twenty people are involved in making a single set and those forty hands can take days to complete your nativity.

This decorative nativity set is lovingly handmade in a historic house in the heart of Bethlehem by special needs community members who laugh and play their time away while also creating something beautiful for your home. Thank you for supporting their work and their lives.

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