We use USPS and if you're ordering inside of the United States, you'll receive your package no later than 2 weeks after order. We use first class mail, but the issue is getting the package into the mail. It takes us a bit of time, and money.


Please know that there are other costs before we get to USPS shipping. When you receive your package, you'll notice that the shipping cost on the box is not the same as what you paid. We have to get items from the cooperatives all over Palestine and then ship to the States, and then ship to you.

That may seem really crazy and convoluted, but trust us that it's the best and most sure way we have from inside Occupied Palestine. Thank you for your order, your patience, and your support!


*Once your order ships on USPS, we'll email you the tracking number (for orders inside the USA) or customs number (for int'l packages).