Shipping Policy

We provide three shipping options out from Palestine to the U.S, Canada, Europe and Australia:

1) Registered Post takes from 10-20 days. (Price is given at checkout)

2) Eco-Post takes from 2-10 days. (Price is given at checkout)

3) Bucket Shipping takes from 45-60 days, which is the cheapest, through this option we ship out once a month to all the customers that prefer to use this as their delivery option. We send a package of 10-20lb and ship out single orders from our address in the California then to your address. (This option is currently only available to our customers in the U.S)

Please know that there are other costs before we get to shipping. When you receive your package, you'll notice that the shipping cost on the box is not the same as what you paid. We have to get items from the cooperatives all over Palestine and then ship to the States, and then ship to you.

Thank you for your order, your patience, and your support!

*Once your order ships, we'll email you the tracking number.