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My family is traveling at the moment. I have a little one who just turned 2 years old a few days ago and a 5 year old with me. We left baba at home to take care of our urban farm! Traveling with little ones is always tricky. And I like to travel as a minimalist with the fewest personal bags possible because my hands are already full. 

The trickier thing is my 5 year old's endless intolerances. That means we travel with our own cooler and doctor's note as well as toiletries specifically chosen for his body. Sometimes there's just nothing that works: he can't handle aloe vera, for example, so most all natural conditioners we can access are out. We end up making most toiletries and treads ourselves. 

This trip, I grabbed a bar of Nabulsi olive oil soap from Al Badeer and thought we could use that as shampoo and body wash, at least until we arrived at my parents' house and bought what we needed. 

A note on Nabulsi soap...not all soaps are made equally even though they are all olive oil (castille) soaps. There's one brand in Palestine we use to get stains out of our laundry, but never on our bodies. But this Nabulsi soap that is on Handmade Palestine is from a family factory and the quality is magnificent. 

It's so good that three weeks into our trip and we are still only using that Nabulsi soap as shampoo and body wash because it is THAT GOOD! Even my mom who is intolerant of everything (we joke that water gives her a rash) has bought out the shop because the Nabulsi soap doesn't make her skin itch (and EVERYTHING makes her skin itch). 

And here's the kicker...I've been using it as face wash instead of my 84USD face wash (one of the very few things I spend that kind of money on because I have adult acne). Three weeks in and I have zero acne and no black heads. TMI? We are sold. It is not only the perfect travel soap but we'll keep washing in it once we get home. And I'll be restocking the olive oil soap, plus the camel milk, goat milk and dead sea variations immediately because I am really loving this amazing soap.

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