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Handmade Fairtrade Gifts from Palestine

Choosing meaningful gifts handcrafted by women artisans & cooperatives in Palestine enables women to generate income & sustain their households under the very challenging circumstances they live in. We work with over 30 women's cooperatives, artisans and designers whose pieces tell the story of Palestinian traditions and heritage. Often times, the stories behind the products are as beautiful as the handicrafts themselves. We are based in Ramallah, Palestine, with partners from across the country. Thank you for choosing to shop ethically and support our work!

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gorgeous traditional tatreez from gaza

Home Decor - Blue Embroidered Cushion Cover

enjoy freshly cold-pressed oil

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Olive Season Gift Set

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we plant more trees

Handmade Palestine helps fund a great not-for-profit in Palestine called Mashjar Juthour. Mashjar Juthour is an eco-project on 2.5 acres of publicly accessible land where native trees are protected and where the community comes to learn about Palestine's natural heritage.

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