We are a social enterprise located in Ramallah, Palestine, led by volunteers and trying to do good for our partner artisans and our country.

Handmade Palestine is truly a labor of love to bring you the best of Palestinian handicrafts. We proudly showcase the work of 30 talented artisans, cooperatives & designers in Palestine. We also have our own designs, working with artisans in embroidery and jewelry making as well as offering workshops and trainings to our partners.

Often times, women artisans are the sole providers in their families. Many of the cooperatives create and sell handicrafts to raise money for wonderful causes and income generation. Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, for example, creates stunning pieces to support a deaf school in Gaza. Read more about our artisans.

We all struggle to sustain our livelihoods under military occupation, and we thank you for your generous support. Every purchase you make enables us to pay fair trade for all handicrafts, and with every other penny, we plant trees in Palestine with Mashjar Juthour. You can learn more about this amazing initiative at juthour.org or on Facebook at MashjarJuthour.

Thank you for choosing to support our work, supporting artisans and nature in Palestine! Click if you'd like to donate to planting trees at Mashjar Juthour

For any inquires get in touch with us using the form below.