Embroidered Tatreez Accessories


Traditional embroidery in Palestine is called tatreez. It is a skill many women in Palestine learn as children and practice into adulthood, both to decorate their own homes and also for income generation.

Embroidery patterns are traditionally cross-stitched on dresses and headdresses, while nowadays and due to the popularity of this craft we can see embroidery put on all sorts of Palestinian accessories such as embroidered pencil bags, coin purses, card holders, wrist bands, bookmarks, even book covers, and wall art.

Hand embroidered accessories we feature come from different women cooperatives whom activities are based on cross-stitching crafts as their profession; we buy tatreez crafts from Women in Hebron cooperative, as well as Atfaluna Association, and Sulafa Embroidery Center from Gaza but we also try to support women in refugee camps.

The crafts (wo)manship is evident in each piece, which is the end result of a labor of love.

All purchases from Handmade in Palestine support fair trade artisans and 100% of the profit is donated to a local not for profit to plant trees and protect Palestine’s environment.

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