Art Posters & Prints

(currently unavailable - can be shipped from Palestine - takes up to 25 days shipping)

We are inaugurating this collection with a collection of 8 posters of paintings by Palestinian Artist. 

Poster collective by Zawyeh Gallery features a wide variety of art movements for all tastes: from contemporary art (Rana Samara, Ibrahim Nubani, Tayseer Barakat), to modern (Nabil Anani, Sliman Mansour), abstract, figurative or landscape painting. "Each featured artist offers their unique perspectives on Palestine: on its culture, people, conflicts, politics, and geography. Through art, Zawyeh gallery hopes to cultivate an appreciation for the richness and wonder of Palestine and the struggle and resistance of Palestinian people under the occupation."

"Featured artists present different and unique perspectives on Palestine, on the symbols, the culture, the people, the social norms, the political situation, the landscape, the land. Viewers and art enthusiasts can go through those experiences daily now, bringing closer exceptional works that were before primarily available in art galleries and museums, as well as private collections. These printed artworks offer great possibilities for birthday and holidays presents, housewarming gifts, taking as souvenirs from Palestine, or even for oneself’s particular indulgement." -Zawyeh Gallery

100% of the sales proceeds of Handmade Palestine's website go to supporting Juthour Arboretum in Palestine

*Photo courtesy of Zawyeh Gallery, Ramallah