Zaitoon Team

Coloring book for kids - Color Palestine

$ 9.90 USD

A while back a cool guy who established Zaitoon, a team of animation and comics enthusiasts; approached us at La Vie in Ramallah to show their new product "Color Falastine" which symbolizes Palestine in a lively way.

Color Falastine is a coloring book for children which includes illustrations from around Palestine, such as Hisham's Palace in Jericho, Sabatiya Anicient Roman Amphitheatre, and Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem. It is a great and fun way to learn about the landmarks in Palestine with your children.

About the team:

"Zaitoon is a group from Palestine that illustrates and produces comic books, coloring books, and educational books for children and youth. Our vision revolves around restructuring and recreating new images of Palestine and the world."

Dimensions:  21×29cm | 8"×11"

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