Children's Educational Cards - Guessing Game - Palestine Wildlife Game
Mashjar Juthour

Children's Educational Cards - Guessing Game - Palestine Wildlife Game

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Educational games are a great way to learn. This Guessing Cards Game teaches kids about Palestine's wildlife. An original game created by Mashjar Juthour, Arboretum in Palestine, children learn about different elements of Palestine's natural heritage with names of each element in Arabic, English and Latin and lots of information.

Requires two kids to play. One reads from a card and the other child, or team, guessing which plant, animal, tree or element from nature it is. 

Palestine's environment is in grave danger, undergoing daily destruction. People are increasingly alienated from nature, and the traditional knowledge as well as the basic knowledge of things' names is being lost. This educational game (re)introduces children to Palestine's amazing wildlife!

Mashjar Juthour is a not for profit environmental initiative in Ramallah, Palestine, that preserves nature and works towards educating and engaging the local community in environmental activism.

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