Angled Large Spoon
Bethlehem Star Olivewood Factory

Angled Large Spoon

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If you don't like the round utentils, you'd love this flat curvy one, that always does the job when you're working in the kitchen, made from sustainable olivewood from the prunings of the olive wood trees during the olive harvest season in Palestine.

The olive wood used to craft the kitchen utensils in our collection is sustainably sourced, made from organic olive wood; the wood is aged for three years before its carved by the craftsman in Bethlehem, so it doesn't crack. 

Many ask how do I keep olive wood kitchen utensils in good shape and quality? It is recommended to wash with warm water, and not excessively wash it with water and soap, then to dry it immediately after, and treat it with oil using a cloth.

We at Handmade Palestine love taking frequent trips down from Ramallah to Bethlehem to further our partnership with Bethlehem Star, and it is our pleasure to help them to sell their handicrafts to international markets.

Did you know that all profits from the sales of our site are used for planting trees in Palestine at Mashjar Juthour?

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