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Arabic Children's Book from Palestine قصة الأطفال: أين منقاري؟

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This Arabic children's book from Palestine is a must have kids book and such a wonderful addition to your library!

We love it so much, we want you to be able to read it too. So we've made it available for you through our online shop. Seriously, everyone should have access to this inspiring story. We are very much hoping to support an English translation in the not too distant future but for everyone who wants to read to their children in Arabic, or wants to learn Arabic and is at a beginner level, this is for you! Inside are illustrations of more than a dozen birds of Palestine with the names of each! 

About the Book: A little robin wakes to find his beak has disappeared. After searching and searching but never finding it, the robin must come to terms with being different and needing help from others. It is a story of friendship and imagination. 

About the Author: Author and illustrator of children books Yara Bamieh was born and today lives in Ramallah, has a degree in Civil Engineering. Since 2009 she started in collaboration with other authors to publish her illustrations in their books. Her first time writing and illustrating a book on her own was in 2012, titled "The little Secret". Yara collaborated in 8 books as an illustrator, and the 9th book as both the writer and illustrator. Her drawings were exhibited in Sharjah in an exhibition for children. In addition to that she exhibited several times in Ramallah. Now she aims to inaugurate her own exhibition and translate "The little Secret" to Swedish.

This book was published by the Palestine Writing Workshop and printed in Palestine.
Dimensions: 20x29 cm | 7.8x11.4 in


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