Kevin inspired a new product and we <3 it: Mexican Rebozo to a Keffiyeh Baby Wrap!

We love this story and we are excited to share and launch this new #handicraft to our #online_collection.

In 2018, one of our customers custom ordered a rebozo using traditional keffiyeh fabric. I honestly do not remember the exact timeline of how that worked, but I what I remember that we had very limited time to get that done!

The man was travelling back to the states, and his wife's labor was expected in less than 2 weeks time. But we promised him we will make it happen as we also had friends travelling to the States.

It happened like magic; magic because things usually happen slow here in Palestine. We ordered the fabric from the Hirbawi factory in Hebron, then one of the guys who work at the Cafe where we operate, said his father is a tailor who helped put the fabric together to make it into a rebozo size of 250x75cm | 98x29.5" then hop to our friends travelling to the states.

Mama using rabozo baby wrap to hold her new born baby

A few weeks later, he sent photos of his wife's labor, featuring the rebozo we made. It was amazing, and touching. We're actually using his photos here (so thank you Kevin and Lena!). Now if you have a friend or a relative whose having a baby soon, this makes a perfect gift.

Buy your friend or relative who's giving birth soon a Keffiyeh REBOZO BABY WRAP .

No babies around? You can also, obviously, use the rebozo as a shawl. The rebozo originated in Mexican and is the name of the long traditional scarf women use for a variety of purposes, including baby wearing. It's increasingly popular as a non invasive tool for supporting natural labor by reducing discomfort and even helping babies reposition themselves. 

Keffiyeh Baby Wrap

These are made from a woven cotton fabric sourced from the only keffiyeh factory in Palestine, Hirbawi in Hebron. We use a local tailor to hem the edges. Each piece measures approximately 2.5m x 75 cm. We are happy to customize the length if you want it a bit longer--just give us enough time! 

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