Handmade Jewelry from Palestine

Crafting Handmade Jewelry is popular among many artisans in Palestine. The artisans we currently support craft and sell their Jewelry as a source of income. Silver is the most demanded type of Jewelry in Palestine, meanwhile handmade jewelry is also made from Gold Plates, Olive Wood carved Jewelry, Gold coated Brass, Crochet Jewelry, and Gemstone Jewelry.

Artisans craft varied types of Jewelry including Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Anklets; suitable for all kinds of occasions. A good fit for a gift for a friend or a girlfriends is the Gypsy Jewelry by the domari society, or beit doqqo brass, while a more thought of gift for your wife or fiance we recommend that you take the handmade sterling silver Jewelry in consideration. Our favorite ones are the Palestine Map Necklace.