Bethlehem Star Olivewood Factory

Handmade Olive Wood Kitchen Slotted Spoon Utensil

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This wooden spoon has a little depth and slots to help lift veggies out of the soup for tasting. It has a smooth handle from the sanding and the oil finishing, so it'll both balance and stir your culinary concoctions beautifully.

Palestine's life blood is the olive tree. For centuries, her people have depended on the annual harvest for the kitchen and for financial sustenance.

Bethlehem once had a booming tourist industry, but today it is a city suffering under Israel's crushing military occupation, her agricultural outskirts destroyed by the separation wall and illegal settlement construction.

Bethlehem Star Olivewood Factory faces these odds and yet is still one of the city's top manufacturers of handcarved olive wood kitchenware.

Prunings extracted from olive trees in the Bethlehem and Jerusalem area are aged for three years and then shaped into the mineral oil-finished stirring spoons, honey drips, and lemon squeezers seen in these photos.

Handmade in Palestine loves taking frequent trips down from Ramallah to Bethlehem to further our partnership with Bethlehem Star, and it is our pleasure to help them to sell their goods to international markets.

Dimensions: 30 X 6 (cm) | 12 X 2 (in)

Weight approx. 0.24 lb

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