Home & Kitchen Accessories

The olive tree is the heart and soul of Palestine. Every year during the olive harvest, farmers prune their trees, which means we have mountains of pruned wood. These prunings are used by the olive wood artisans of Bethlehem to create Christmas nativities and ornaments, kitchen items, and more.

 We also feature ceramic soap dishes made by two women from Nisf Jbeil as well as kitchen aprons from El Bier Arts & Seeds. Aprons are made from locally produced fabric, sewn by a tailor in Hebron, and printed in Dheishah Refugee Camp. They make reuseable bags and aprons that feature bilady or heirloom plants as well as traditional Palestinian dishes.

All purchases from Handmade Palestine sustain livelihoods of fair trade artisans and 100% of the profit is donated to the not for profit Mashjar Juthour to plant trees and protect Palestine’s environment.