Beit Doqo Women's Cooperative

Palestine Map Necklace in Brass - Twin Maps

$ 26.95 USD

Carved from brass, this necklace map of Palestine and a second piece over it that is a map outline. It comes on a brass chain.

The women artisans are from a small village just outside Jerusalem. They use small tools to hand cut sheets of brass to create their pieces; by women of the Beit Doqo Society outside of Jerusalem. Designed by a Haifa based jewelry designer, Amir Salameh. 

When you purchase this item, you are supporting atisans in Palestine from whom we buy fair trade. And your purchase allows us to plant trees! Did you know that 100% of the profits from this item are used at Mashjar Juthour in Palestine to protect Palestine's endangered environment?

Avg chain length: 49 cm | 19'

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