Top 5: Minimalists Must Haves - What are the 5 handicrafts a minimalist must have from Morgan's point of view?

Morgan Totah

I like to think of myself as a minimalist

In terms of somethings in my life (okay, many things in my life), I’m a bit dogmatic. I am a rather hard core, non budging vegetarian, for example. But in terms of minimalism, I don’t really identify as a minimalist. I really like collecting essential oils and ceramic bowls. I’m just never going to be a committed minimalist. But I’m still quite close and absolutely believe less is more. I’m not a huge shopper but let me tell you, if I get a chance to go into a LUSH store, I’m not coming out light handed. But surely that goes for all of us…? Still, when I had my first baby, I was definitely a minimalist mama. I just couldn’t justify spending thousands on clothes my son would wear for 3 months and grow out of.

Top 5 handicrafts minimalists must have

All that to say, I’m minimalist inclined. And I have some favorite picks from the fair trade handicrafts at for my minimalist friends and family members!

1) Olive Wood Spatula from Gloria Factory in Bethlehem

I can’t stop raving about this kitchen utensil. I raved in an entire post called Ode to my Spatula, just kidding. I did spend an entire post raving, but I did not call it an Ode. I should have. But I didn’t.

2) Nabulsi Olive Oil Soap from Nablus

If you are traveling the world with a backpack and thinking about what to pack, trust me, take this soap! You can use it on your body, face, and hair--I have done it. And it’s amazing for handwashing clothes.

3) Original Keffiyeh from Hirbawi Factory in Hebron

Most people love this as a scarf. It’s a square meter of linen. It’s a great, versitile scarf, but I also use it as a curtain in my bathroom and a tablecloth in my kitchen (not the same one, I have two!) Sometimes when I feel a bit self conscious in my leggings, I just wrap this around to cover my bum. It’s an all in one accessory!

4) Nursing / Teething Necklace from Little Olea in Ramallah

I’m not huge on jewelry. I’m the girl who wears the same two family heirloom rings and nothing else, every. single. day. That said, when I had a teething baby, this necklace saved me and for over a year, you would never ever find me without it. In addition to my little one teething on it, the necklace was a gorgeous accessory. I’ve actually been very surprised by how many women buy it to wear, sans teething baby. They are just great chunky jewelry and sustainably made!

5) Front Pocket Wallet from Jelld in Hebron

So my brother is a minimalist. And a label lover. So he’ll be thrilled I have named him as a minimalist in this post. Or not, because he is quite private. Anyway. Last summer I saw him and I wanted to get him a gift. I immediately thought of the mini wallets, also called front pocket wallets, from the guys at Jelld. Problem was, my brother is a vegan. So he wasn’t interested in leather. Turns out, he was more minimalist than vegan. And when he saw this wallet, he was sold. It’s that awesome.

That’s all I got for you folks. Five must haves from for the minimalist in you. Actually I had six but my fingers are tired. :)

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