Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

Here are some gift ideas for a baby shower that are Natural, healthy and useful for both the baby and the mama

Nursing necklace and teething rings from Little Olea

When we talk about Little Olea’s it is a labor of love. First of all, Morgan was inspired to work on this product because she wanted to give her 3-months old teething baby something to chew on that is not plastic, processed or packaged. And where we live in Palestine, she couldn't find any brand or handicrafts that provides such a remedy that Morgan could have relied on. 

After the olive harvest at Mashar Juthour, we take the prunings from the olive trees and age them for at least 3 years before they are taken to the artisan from Bethlehem to turn them into beads, which are then oiled in Extra Virgin cold pressed olive oil, then the beads are taken to women who work from their homes in Deir Ghassaneh to crochet over the beads. After all that process the women at Little Olea put together the beads, making the end product. We also work with a printer from Dheisha Refugee Camp to print little bags of Little Olea so you can put the necklace or the ring in it. The sewing is done by a tailor in Hebron. So lots of hands are part of this creation! In addition to that we work with a designer who designs and print little cards which tell you about our handicrafts, how they are made, how to use them and how to keep them clean.

You can't go wrong with this option! And is a natural remedy for a teething baby

nursing necklace baby remedy

Small olive wood baby spoon

These little cute ones were inspired when Morgan wanted a spoon for her baby, but everything she found in the market was cheap, toxic plastic, so she decided to create something safe, from organic wood. Also made from the prunings that are collected after the olive harvest.

olive wood baby spoon


By the beginning of 2019 a man enters La Vie and tells us that his wife is giving birth to child and he wanted to gift her a rebozo birth wrap, his question was if we can do it in the traditional palestinian keffiyeh motif and fabric. Morgan assured him that she will make that happen and from then it happened like magic. The keffiyeh fabric comes from from the only keffiyeh factory in Palestine, Hirbawi in Hebron, then the fabric is taken to a local tailor to sew and hem the edges of the fabric together. A friend of ours travels to the states and takes rebozo with him. Things in Palestine usually take tons of time but this was magic. 

The wife used the rebozo during labor and after she used to carry and nurse the baby. 

Each piece measures approximately 2.5m x 75 cm. We are happy to customize the length if you want it a bit longer--just give us enough time! 

rebozo baby wrap

Olive oil soap 

A healthy baby means a healthy mama. This olive oil soap is so gentle for both mama and baby, plus it’s made of all natural olive oil that will be soft and nourishing for both bodies. Bonus: you can use it on your face and baby’s hair as well. There’s even a soap with chamomile added in that is perfect for the little one!

olive oil soap

A bottle of olive oil 

Although we don’t sell olive oil on our site, but we do in Ramallah sell olive oil from Mashjar Juthour. So here’s a good tip: My sister gave birth to a baby boy last month. He’s an amazing, healthy happy baby. Meanwhile she was expecting I heard my aunt talking with my mom about treating the baby’s skin with olive oil, they said it has enormous health benefits for the body and skin. So I looked that up and I was amazed with what I read about olive oil health benefits. You can read more about olive oil health benefits.

olive oil

Some folks like to give gifts that a baby can useat an older age, here are some ideas:

Sterling Silver Olive Leaf Earrings by Nadira Al Araj & the Kattan Family silversmiths from Bethlehem

olive leaf sterling silver earrings


Wool Felt Camels by Bedouins from Al Khan Al Ahmar

Wool felt camels

Children Stories 

These Arabic stories that we have are great and some them are in colloquial Arabic. 

"Where is my beak?" authored by Dima Bamieh and published by the Palestine Writing Workshop which is an amazing initiative that was founded in 2009 to host writers in residence and support creative writing in Palestine. Today, they focus on children's story telling, creative writing and publish wonderful books for kids.

Another 2 stories by Reem Makhoul an independent author who wrote stories in colloquial Arabic as she was inspired to write after having her 1st daughter Shahrazad, to make it easier for Shahrazad to understand the context of the story, without losing interest as compared to reading Classical Arabic and having to translate that back to colloquial dialect.

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