Adopt an Olive Tree in Palestine

The value of the olive tree in Palestine cannot be overstated. From her branches we harvest her fruits that are fermented and served at meals, or pressed into rich greenish golden oil for our cooking, lasting through the year to come. There is no Palestinian household without olive oil--it is essential from our breakfast of zeit o zatar to preserving lebna in the rich oil. From last year's oil, we make beautiful soap and from the byproduct of the press, we fertilize the trees. When we prune her branches, we use them to carve beautiful pieces of art or kitchen utensils. The olive tree has become a symbol of our steadfastness in this land.


The olive tree, it is necessary to point out, is not the only native tree we prize, though it has come to be the most known in representation. The carob, wild pear, hawthorn, oak and almond are among the many indigenous trees that have value to our culture. All should be protected and appreciated!

From the first, Handmade Palestine began as a way to support artisans and plant trees in the outskirts of Ramallah with Mashjar Juthour. Through this amazing environmental initiative, we have supported re-planting hundreds of trees in the mountains where tree poaching and destruction was once very common.

Mashjar Juthour, Palestine

We invite you to join us on this journey to protect Palestinian natural heritage so that our children have a beautiful, healthy Palestine to live in. We proudly share Mashjar Juthour's new initiative "Adopt an Olive Tree." You get to be responsible for a Palestinian olive tree, making sure it is harvested, pruned, fertilized, and her root suckers are removed so she stays healthy throughout the year. In return, you'll be sent a 1/2kilo of olives and a liter of cold pressed olive oil from her harvest. 

This is a great way to help support the work of Mashjar Juthour--an incredibly unique initiative that educates our youth and empowers our community to return to the knowledge of our ancestors and care for our land.

Please read about How to Adopt an Olive Tree in Palestine and join our mission to support women artisans and plant trees in Palestine--two objectives we believe are vital to the future of our country.

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