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We've rounded up some of our favorite, and pretty simple, Ramadan foods from Palestine. So whether you are looking for dishes to put on the table while breaking your fast or you just want to try some great Palestinian foods, we love these recipes and these food blogs!

(Photo courtesy of Mai from Almond and Fig)


1. Qatayef is everyone's favorite Ramadan food! And Heifa makes it so easy to make delicious qatayef which tastes even better when shared with family and friends. Check out Fufu in the Kitchen and follow Heifa on IG for wonderful recipes!

Check out Fufu in the Kitchen's Qatayef recipe here


2. Fattoush is such a refreshing salad that combines some of Palestine's freshest produce in one bowl while also allowing us to use our old bread in a delicious new dish. Mai from Almond and Fig not only creates gorgeous recipes inspired by her family and culture, she is also a fantastic photographer. Follow her and enjoy her knowledge and recipes! 

Check out Almond and Fig's Fattoush recipe here

(Photo courtesy of Mai from Almond and Fig)


3. The Hummus Theory is a great blog for nourishing dishes from Palestine. We've been following Diala for years and are big fans of the simple, fresh salads and plates she creates. Muttabal is an easy dip or spread from smoked eggplants that can often be found on Palestinian tables and is a great addition for an Iftar table! Be sure to follow her on IG for a delicious journey.

(photo taken from The Hummus Theory's blog)

Check out The Hummus Theory's simple Muttabal here.

Shorabat Adas or Lentil Soup

4. Palestine in a Dish's Wafa is a food blogger by day and children's book author by night. She creates fantastic dishes from her beloved Palestine. She has a simple and traditional recipe for Lentil Soup, which is on so many Palestinian tables throughout the year and especially during Ramadan. Follow her and enjoy the good food!

(Photo taken from Palestine in a Dish's blog)

Check out Palestine in a Dish's Lentil Soup recipe here.


5. Most people make their Maqloube with chicken these days but many love it with lamb or even vegan. In our home, we always make it vegan and use chickpeas. Falasteeni Foodie has a lovely recipe with perfect spices for this delicious Palestinian dish that you'll find on every table (though usually with chicken!) during Ramadan. You'll love this dinner and you'll love following her!

Check out Falasteeni Foodie's Maqloube recipe here.

These are our 5 picks for easy recipes from Palestine to put on your Ramadan Iftar table from 5 of our favorite blogs but there are so many more out there, so get inspired and get cooking!

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