3 Ways to Support Palestine Today

In a moment like this, it can be difficult to understand how you can support and help Palestinians. Seeing the Israeli violence against Palestinians this week has left many reeling and wishing to express their outrage and their solidarity with Palestine. And putting these motivations into action is integral to helping Palestinians achieve justice.

Standing in solidarity with Palestine means prioritizing and supporting Palestinians’ needs and demands. If you’re wondering how you can do this, these are 3 ways you can support Palestine right now.


1. Boycott Israeli products

Boycotting Israeli products is a way to politically and economically demonstrate your support for Palestine. A boycott involves stopping all purchases from Israeli and Israeli-affiliated companies. This means avoiding purchasing products that are made either by Israeli companies or from international companies that operate within illegal Israeli settlements. This can span from products like food, pharmacy items, clothing, media, art, and much more. Here’s a guide to understand which brands to boycott and why.

By doing this, you show your solidarity with Palestine, because to buy Israeli products is to support the Israeli state.

Boycotting is important because it is one of the most vital and easiest ways you can support Palestine. It requires that you refuse to buy products which will inevitably support the Israeli economy and government. Your refusal to engage in the Israeli economy helps Palestine because it pressures the status quo of regular international involvement with Israel. The idea is that this will lead to a future where Israel is placed under immense political and economic pressure due to its treatment of Palestinians and its illegal occupation of their territories.

So before you buy something, make sure to check where products are made and where the company operates.


2. Support the Palestinian economy

Buy products from Palestine. This engagement is an immediate way to provide your support by making a direct impact to Palestinian livelihoods.

Your purchases help individual Palestinians by providing income support and bolstering the institutions that help communities around Palestine, like our partners at Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children and Ma’an Lil Hayyat who support people with disabilities.

Supporting the Palestinian economy allows these individuals, companies, and institutions to stay open and continue creating their products. You are helping by allowing their craft to be alive and profitable.

Ultimately, supporting the Palestinian economy means that you are offering direct financial help to those being oppressed by Israel right now.


3. Wear your keffiyeh and let people ask you why

Wear a keffiyeh to show your solidarity with Palestine, and let people ask you why you’re wearing it. Since the keffiyeh is an important and historical symbol of Palestinian identity, solidarity, and resistance, it is a perfect way to outwardly show your support. Wearing your keffiyeh is an outlet for you to communicate your disdain for the violence of the Israeli state.

When you wear your keffiyeh, be open to having conversations with your friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers about Palestine. Use it as an opportunity to explain why it is so vital to support Palestine. Urge them to take these steps we’ve shared with you today.

If you don’t have a keffiyeh but you want to wear one to show your solidarity, we have a collection made from the last remaining keffiyeh factory in Palestine.

Your support for Palestine is incredibly important. Through these actions, you are helping to sustain and protect the livelihoods of so many Palestinians. This work is necessary and brings us closer to a free Palestine.

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