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Clearing out our Closet! And a Goal!

We are pretty small scale so we don't have a warehouse, just a storage closet.  We need your help cleaning it out to make room for new handicrafts because we have a goal for 2018, which is to support a whopping 30 artisans and cooperatives, that's DOUBLE what we do now! Help us make some space!

In 2017, you helped us support 15 different artisans and cooperatives AND plant more than 150 rare trees!

For 2018, Handmade Palestine's goal is to support 30 artisans and cooperatives and to plant 500 new trees, and that's not even counting all the olive trees we plant every year!

We need YOUR HELP to make this goal a reality in Palestine!

Shop now and take 25% off any and everything so we can make room for MORE handicrafts from MORE artisans! This expansion means together we contribute to sustaining MORE livelihoods and making Palestine MORE green! 

We cannot imagine a better goal, but we need your help to reach it! So shop now get your discount using code PALESTINE4EVER.

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