Beit Doqo Development Society

The Beit Doqo Development Society started out making food products but quickly grew to include hand carved brass jewelry in order to accommodate the growing number of women participating in this wonderful income-generating project. The jewelry is hand carved from brass plates and typically draws from traditional motifs, like the Palestinian dress, or thob, with the key that symbolizes the Palestinian right of return.

Zaytouna Jewelry

These gorgeous designs from Nadira Alaraj in partnership with the Kattan family silversmiths are each unique pieces. After harvesting Roman olive leaves from Bethlehem, they cast them to create unique olive leaf molds that are filled with sterling silver. Every single silver leaf is individually formed from a mold that is only used once, rendering unique, one-of-a-kind leaves from the ancient trees of Bethlehem. All connector pieces and wires as well as bands are also hand crafted by the talented father and son silversmiths. 


Traces Palestine

Traces Palestine collects stones from around the country and places pebbles in locally crafted necklaces, earrings and rings. Traces relies on friends in the community to collect stones from Palestinian villages and towns. Silversmiths in Bethlehem create frames for the jewelry. The brand has grown to train 5 women jewelers in Ramallah who generate income from home, fixing the pebbles in the frames and finishing each piece of beautiful Palestinian craftstmanship.


Galassia Micro Mosaic Jewelry

Micro Mosaic Jewelry Making

This husband and wife team work to revive mosaic art by sharing with the world the beauty and splendor handmade micro mosaics from natural stones and silver. This work is a special form of mosaic that uses unusually tiny pieces of stone or glass to make small figurative images surrounded by silver 925. It is a painstaking and very specialized art that we are proud to carry.

Little Olea

A mother of a teething baby started this great line of organic olive wood teething rings and nursing necklaces in Palestine. The wood is carved bead by bead in Bethlehem, then polished and oiled with cold pressed, extra virgin, organic olive oil and strung with beads that are hand crocheted by women in the village of Deir Ghassaneh.