Atfaluna Society for Deaf Gaza


Women in Hebron


Straps by Sarab

Sulafa Embroidery Center

Sulafa Embroidery Centre was initiated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) in 1950, to provide work for women in Gaza's refugee camps. The project supports approximately 250 local artisans by commissioning traditional and contemporary embroidered goods. The purchase of a Sulafa product allows these women to support their families, which often rely on only one source of income. It is also a way to preserve the traditions and culture of embroidery within the Palestinian society and pass these essential skills from generation to the next.


Sayadat Falasteen

Sayadat Falasteen is the very first collective we created here at Handmade Palestine. This group of women from Beit Doqo hand craft brass jewelry with embroidery and also embroider traditional tatreez on keffiyehs. The cooperative is invaluable for these women because it allows them to generate income and support their families while staying in the home and using the skills their grandmothers passed on to them.