Ethical Palestinian Businesses We Think You Should Support: Palestinian Brands to Shop

In today’s world, supporting ethical brands is more important than ever. By choosing to spend our money on products that are sustainably produced, we help create a better future for everyone. This is especially true when it comes to supporting Palestinian artisans and designers, who stand out for their unique blend of cultural heritage and contemporary style, but face constant challenges due to the ongoing Israeli occupation and political state.

Here, we’ve curated two lists: one featuring ethical brands based in Palestine, and another showcasing Palestinian-owned brands in the diaspora. Each of these brands not only offers high-quality, beautiful products but also contributes to the economic resilience and cultural preservation of Palestinian communities - all brands are deserving of your attention and support.

Ethical Brands Based in Palestine


ANAT, based in Gaza, is a slow fashion brand that emphasizes sustainable practices and timeless designs. Their collections are inspired by Palestinian culture, using eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods. 


Hilweh Market

Hilweh Market is an artisanal boutique that features a variety of handmade products, from jewelry to home decor. Each item is crafted with care, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Palestine. 

Meera Adnan

Meera Adnan is a clothing and accessories brand known for its chic, contemporary designs. Based in Gaza, Meera Adnan's collections are a testament to the resilience and creativity of Palestinian designers.

Nöl Collective

Nol Collective works with local women’s cooperatives, family-run sewing workshops, and artisans to create beautiful fashion pieces. The brand also uses its platform to amplify Palestinian voices and stories and raise awareness about their culture, history, and the challenges faced by their people.

Handmade Palestine

Handmade Palestine offers a wide range of handcrafted items, from traditional embroidered textiles to beautiful olive wood carvings. By purchasing from us, you support Palestinian artisans who use their traditional skills to create sustainable livelihoods. 


Shireen Salman Design

Shireen Salman Design on Etsy offers decor and accessories that are both stylish and meaningful. Her products often feature traditional Palestinian patterns and motifs. 


Sunbula is a Jerusalem-based non-profit organization that supports Palestinian women, refugees, and marginalized communities by marketing their traditional handicrafts such as intricate embroidery and jewelry.


Ethical Brands by Palestinians in the Diaspora

Balady Stitch Shop

Balady Stitch Shop on Etsy offers hand-embroidered items that reflect traditional Palestinian craftsmanship such as intricate pillow covers to beautiful wall hangings. 

Dar Collective

Dar Collective is a clothing brand created ‘for diaspora kids, by diaspora kids’. Their designs celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Palestine, combining traditional elements with modern aesthetics.


Deerah offers cultural clothing that celebrates Palestinian heritage. Their garments feature traditional embroidery and patterns, bringing a modern twist to classic designs.


Darzah, based in the US, is a non-profit organisation that works with and empowers Palestinian refugee women to create stunning, hand-embroidered leather products. 

El Bustan

El Bustan is a lifestyle shop that offers a curated selection of home decor, accessories, and wellness products. Each item is thoughtfully chosen to reflect the beauty and craftsmanship of Palestinian culture. 

Falastini Brand

Falastini Brand offers fashion and accessories that celebrate Palestinian identity. Their products range from t-shirts to tote bags, each item carrying a message of cultural pride and resilience. 


Inaash offers embroidery and fashion items that highlight traditional Palestinian tatreez. Their products are made by skilled artisans, ensuring high quality and authenticity and are a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity.


Interlink Publishing: A US-based publishing house focusing on voices from the Arab world, including Palestine. They publish diverse genres, highlighting Palestinian stories, culture, and history, thus promoting Palestinian literature and knowledge.


KUVRD, founded by Palestinian-American brothers, offers premium headwear and accessories. Their products blend streetwear aesthetics with cultural pride, featuring keffiyeh patterns and other Palestinian motifs. KUVRD donates a portion of their profits to support Palestinian causes.


Leelaja Designs

Leelaja blends traditional Palestinian craftsmanship with modern aesthetics into gorgeous jewelry and accessories. Each unique and elegant piece reflects the rich cultural heritage of Palestine.


Lulu's Crackers

A gourmet food brand providing healthy snacks inspired by Palestinian culinary traditions, using high-quality, natural ingredients. The brand emphasizes sustainability and fair trade.

Olive & Heart

Olive & Heart is for those who love candles. This candle shop offers beautifully crafted Palestinian candles that are both visually stunning and wonderfully aromatic. 

Palestinian Hustle

A brand offering streetwear and lifestyle products that blend modern fashion with traditional Palestinian motifs. It promotes cultural pride and supports Palestinian causes.


Reemami is a fashion brand known for its innovative designs and bold patterns. Based in Dubai, the brand draws inspiration from Palestinian culture, creating unique and stylish pieces.

Suzy Tamimi

Suzy Tamimi is a Palestinian fashion designer known for her elegant and sophisticated designs. Her collections often feature intricate Palestinian embroidery. 

Tatreez and Tea

Tatreez and Tea specializes in embroidery and sewing, offering exquisite pieces that highlight the traditional Palestinian craft of tatreez. Their products range from clothing to home decor, each item meticulously hand-embroidered. 



Taqa is a clothing brand that emphasizes comfort and style. Their collections are inspired by Palestinian culture, offering modern pieces with a cultural twist. 


Watan is an arts store with locations in Amman, Jordan and Illinois US, that features a diverse range of Palestinian art and craft including paintings, sculptures, and handmade jewelry, and provides a platform for Palestinian artists to share their work with the world. 


Zaytoun brings you the best of Palestinian food and snacks, from extra virgin olive oil to za'atar and medjool dates. Their products are sourced from Palestinian farmers committed to sustainable agriculture.

Supporting ethical brands is a powerful way to make a positive impact on the world. By choosing to buy from these Palestinian and diaspora brands, you not only get unique, high-quality products but also help sustain communities, preserve cultural heritage, and promote fair practices. Each purchase is a step towards a more just and sustainable future.

Until liberation.

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