We proudly work with over 30 artisans and women's cooperatives in Palestine. Click on the pages to learn more about these very our artisan partners listed below. We are grateful for your support of Handmade Palestine and hope you love the artisans' work and their stories!
Hebron Keffiyeh Factory
Tiger Leather
Ceramicists & Felters
Nisf Jebil
Bint el Shams
Ma'an lil Hayyat
Beit Doqo Development Society
Zaytouna Jewelry
Traces Palestine
Little Olea
Palestine Writing Workshop
Sayadat Falasteen
Sima's Designs
Straps by Sarab
Artists & Graphic Designers
Zawiyeh Gallery
Mashjar Juthour
Rand Dabboor
Qastina Designs
Oasis Rehabilitation
Al Bader Soaps
Canaan Fair Trade
Gloria Olive Wood
Holy Land Handicrafts Cooperative