Empower Artisans This Christmas; Shop Fair Trade, Handmade Decorations from Palestine

As I sit to write this post, a smile stretches across my face and I tear up. We are fiercely proud to support the artisans and cooperatives in Handmade Palestine's family, but I feel the two projects who have created beautiful communities for people with special needs, providing fun work and programs...well, those have a very dear place in my heart. 

When you purchase the felted wool Christmas ornaments and decorations from Ma'an Lil Hayyat, you are supporting an incredible project that not only provides a community for the folks who call it home but that also provides work with dignity.  


As I walked from room to room, I found every work area hard to leave. People were proud of what they were contributing and enjoyed each other's company. There was laughter and singing and felting and gluing. And there was so much joy and pride.

Every hand was busy. And each person eagerly tried to tell me about the work she did. The wool is cleaned and dyed and then slowly processed by hand into felt that is dried in the Palestinian sun and then shaped into the most wonderful Christmas decorations. 

I left that beautiful, historic house at the end of my visit and my cup overflowed. I felt so honored to visit them and to be able to partner as Handmade Palestine.

Please check out their felted wool Christmas decorations here and know that you are getting so much more than you paid for! You are getting to be part of the most wonderful project that empowers special needs participants in Bethlehem. Thank you for making this Christmas more meaningful!

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