Eid El Fitr & Gift Exchange

We love the new trend for gift exchange during Eid el Fitr. Gift giving and receiving is always lovely but many people are feeling the financial pressure (and let's be honest, there's also lots of pressure and even environmental waste involved with gifting at holidays). To keep the spirit alive, many families and friends are minimizing and doing gift exchanges (have you heard of Eid Clause?! So cute!) 

We invite you to add another tradition to your Eid gift giving--shop for meaningful gifts that are ethically made and do good. Everything you find on Handmade Palestine is fair trade; that means the artisans are paid fair wages, and we pay them up front so they have the money to buy more materials to continue their craft making, and make an income to sustain their livelihoods. Our handicrafts are all handmade by artisans in Palestine, where it is incredibly hard to survive as an artisans. That means by putting their crafts on our website, you are able to access artisans here and support them in a vital way that wouldn't happen otherwise.


So do something great this Eid el Fitr, shop from Handmade Palestine and give a meaningful gift that is special to the person receiving it AND to the person who made it. 

Check out our special Eid Gift Giving Collection and use the code eidelfitr for 15% off everything in the collection. 

Or give a Gift Voucher and let that special someone choose the perfect gift for themselves! 

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