Discover the Beauty of Olive Wood from Bethlehem: A Time-Honored Tradition from Palestinian Artisans

In the heart of Palestine, in the ancient towns of Bethlehem, Beit Jala, and Beit Sahour, lies a tradition as old as time itself – the art of olive wood craftsmanship. For centuries, olive trees have not only been a common sight but a sacred symbol for Palestinians, spanning the historic lands from north to south.

Every October, a unique ritual unfolds, as Palestinians come together to partake in the annual olive harvest. It's a time when families unite, setting aside days off from their usual routines to join hands in the fields. The olive harvest isn't merely a task; it's a communal event, where generations gather to support one another, traversing from one family's land to another, all in the spirit of solidarity and shared labor. It’s one of the many wonderful & joyous Palestinian traditions.

Together they work beneath the shade of ancient olive trees, meticulously handpicking the ripe fruits while simultaneously pruning the branches. Pruning isn't just about shaping the trees; it's a practice rooted in enhancing sunlight exposure and facilitating easier harvesting in the years to come.

But the journey of olive wood doesn't end in the orchards. After the harvest, branches are carefully aged for three years, allowing them to transform into sturdy yet supple materials. Skilled craftsmen then give beautiful shape to these aged branches, fashioning them into exquisite kitchen utensils and captivating sculptures, each bearing the essence of Palestinian heritage.

At Handmade Palestine, we take pride in showcasing the beauty and sustainability of olive wood. Our collection, including the whimsical "Little Olea" line of baby teething rings and necklaces, celebrates the essence of this timeless tradition.

Every piece, no matter how small, carries the story of generations past and the promise of a vibrant future.

Explore the allure of olive wood craftsmanship – where tradition meets innovation, and sustainability intertwines with heritage. Join us in preserving the legacy of Palestine, one lovingly crafted piece at a time. Shop our kitchen collection here.

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