How to Support Palestinians Directly: Make A Difference by Buying Crafts and Gifts from Palestine

October 7 woke up the world. Over the last 6 months, so many people have reached out to us asking how best to support Palestinians in Palestine right now. Of course, we continue to ask of you to call your representatives and protest and educate your community. There are many good organizations you can donate to as well.

And as we continue to say, please buy-cott and be ethical consumers! We recently shared stories about artists from Palestine, talking about the struggles they are facing in the midst of increasing Israeli closures and violence to create and craft in Occupied Palestine, the even more intense difficulty to be a creative amidst an ongoing genocide and why it all matters. 

At Handmade Palestine, our core values are both to share with you the rich cultural heritage of Palestine as a way to preserve it, as well as to support Palestinians in their struggle for justice and dignity. In this blog post, we'll explore practical ways you can support Palestinians, from boycotting unethical brands to buy-cotting Palestinian-made products.

Understanding the Context

To effectively support Palestinians, it's crucial to understand the context of this current "war," which in reality is a high-tech genocide that has always been the ultimate end goal for the Israeli Occupation since it first occupied Historic Palestine in 1948 and enacted a genocide against the Palestinians. The illegal and brutal Israeli occupation has enacted displacement, human rights violations and ongoing violence against Palestinians. One impactful way to challenge this injustice is through boycotting companies that support the occupation because no one should be financing any kind of violence against other people. Boycotts help to deprive the Israeli military of funding, which is used to maintain the occupation and perpetuate violence against Palestinians. Major brands complicit in these injustices include Starbucks, McDonalds, Disney, Siemens, PUMA, Carrefour, SodaStream, Google, Amazon and many, many more. You can find more information on boycotting through the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Support Palestinian Organizations

There are numerous organizations working tirelessly to support Palestinians, from providing humanitarian aid to advocating for their rights. Consider donating or volunteering with organizations such as PCHR, Al-Haq, MADA, DCIP, PARC or with us here at Handmade Palestine! We work with 35 artisan groups, thus supporting and sustaining hundreds of artisans in Palestine with fair trade wages for their crafts, paid upfront. By supporting organizations like these, you're directly contributing to the Palestinian economy and helping to sustain livelihoods and help funding important local orgs for security and stability with the end goal of a free Palestine. 

Buycott Palestinian-Made Products

Another impactful way to support Palestinians is through buy-cotting Palestinian-made products. By purchasing from Palestinian artisans, you're not only investing in the local economy but also preserving Palestinian cultural heritage. Handmade Palestine offers a wide range of beautifully crafted products that celebrate Palestinian craftsmanship and tradition. 

Check out these beautiful pieces with the iconic Tatreez design, creating modern and stylish clothes and accessories based on the rich history of Palestinian design. You can also rock the all time favorite Keffiyeh pattern in a new way too, on your way to Yoga with these unique handmade straps! And of course not to forget the deliciousness of the Palestinian kitchen, which gets its specific flavor profile from the world's best olive oil and spices - you can get your own box of the Palestinian kitchen to feel a bit closer to the land! 

Amplify Palestinian Voices

Amplifying Palestinian voices is essential in raising awareness and advocating for justice. Follow Palestinian activists, journalists, and organizations on social media, and share their content to amplify their messages. @eyeonpalestine on instagram is a popular page collecting and sharing the stories by Palestinian journalists in Palestine and abroad. 

Advocate for Change

Advocacy is a powerful tool in challenging injustice and promoting change. Get involved in advocacy efforts such as contacting elected officials, participating in BDS campaigns, strikes, marches and supporting legislation that promotes Palestinian rights.

Supporting Palestinians is not just about solidarity; it's about taking concrete actions to challenge injustice and promote dignity and equality. Whether through boycotting unethical brands, amplifying Palestinian voices, or buycotting Palestinian-made products, every choice you make can make a difference!

Remember that Palestinians are characterized by their resilience and dignity in facing all difficulties thrown their way, but they are still human and often have to make tough decisions on how to continue going on forward. Oftentimes this means debating whether to stay in Palestine or to emigrate, for the sake of one's livelihood, their family, their children. So when you directly support Palestinians by purchasing their locally produced goods or donate to local projects, like we offer at Handmade Palestine, you can not only contribute to their livelihoods but also strengthen their perseverance, add to their hope for a brighter future where there will be a free Palestine.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact and stand in solidarity, in all various meanings of solidarity, with Palestinians in their quest for justice and freedom.


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