Al Bader Soaps

From a family-run soap business, this traditional olive oil soap uses a secret family recipe. It is a gentle soap that can also be used to hand wash fabric as well wash your face or body. They also make a lovely version that adds fresh goat’s milk to the bar.

Canaan Fair Trade

Canaan works with over 2,000 artisan family farms spanned across 52 different villages in Palestine. They practice fair trade principles that ensure transparency, full direct payment, fair prices and purchase guarantee to support farmers in Palestine.

Gloria Olive Wood

Olive wood craftsmanship has a very long history in Bethlehem. It was once a booming tourist destination before Israel’s separation wall cut it off from both tourists and from the rest of Palestine. Today many woodworkers take second and third jobs, struggling to keep their traditional craft alive. All olive wood is taken from pruned branches and aged. Wash with mild soap and re-oil with warm olive oil, if you like.