Gift ideas for bridal shower

We are so lucky with the uniqueness and the quality of the crafts(wo)menship in Palestine. It’s very diverse, it’s very rich, goes way back in history from Mesapotamia and the Kanaaites and we take pride in that. 

Back in the days, girls would learn how to cross-stitch since they are as young as 12 years old, to help their mamas and tatas (grandmas), and when a girl was about to get married she would spend as much as 6 months preparing her Wedding Thobe - Traditional Dress. People are now going back to embracing the Palestinian dress in their occasions (photo), and some couples decide that they want to celebrate their wedding wearing traditional clothes instead of the usual white dress for the bride and a suit for the groom. 

Bride wearing Palestinian Thobe - Art Poster

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Embroidered Shawls and Scarves from Gaza

With the most popular color of embroidery being red on black Sulafa offers new styles and colored motifs on various colors of fabric including dark blue and yellow. 

Tatreez Shawl from Gaza Palestine

Sterling Silver Jewelry from Bethlehem

This collection is very unique, rich and offers diverse designs. First Nadira Al Araaj, the artisan from Bethlehem, picks olive leaves from ancient olive trees on the mountains in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, then she makes unique molds from the casts. With such a diverse collection, we will guide you through some of our handmade sterling silver favorite items

Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

Special Collection 

Unique Jewelry Design - Special collection by Nadira Al Araj

These are from a special collection and are only available upon request.

Olive Wood Kitchen Set

Give her a special gift from the Holy Land for her kitchen that is practical and made from beautiful olive wood. Bethlehem is famous for traditional olive wood carving which dates back to 300 AD from when the Italian and Greek pilgrims would come and pray in the cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. They taught the locals techniques for olive wood carving and since then it has been a booming industry. 

You can create for this special bride to be a set of kitchen utensils based on your preference, we suggest bundling the following together:

  1. Olive wood serving bowls and they come in three options.
  2. Cutting Board 
  3. Lemon reamer and honey dipper
  4. Kitchen Spatula and Spoons.
  5. Salad Claws
Handcarved olive wood utensils

If you want to add more to the set, choose other kitchen gifts. There are options of Handmade Ceramic Bowls from Nisf Jubeil, and Handmade olive oil soap from Aseela. And a kitchen Apron from El Bier Arts and Seeds.

Handmade Kitchen Bundle


Home Decoration with Palestinian Art Posters & Botanical Art

We'll leave it to the photos to tell you about these, but be sure that they are amazing options for wall decorations and can be framed or matted upon request.

Art Posters by Palestinian Artists from Ramallah by Zawyeh Gallery


 Botanical Art Paintings

Botanical - Wildflowers Art Prints

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