Exploring the Blooming Spring Wildflowers of Palestine

The wildflowers of Palestine are in full bloom for spring. From orchids to tulips and even chamomile, this tapestry of wildflowers decorates the land across Palestine and creates beautifully unmatched landscapes. And today, we’re celebrating these wildflowers. We’ve gathered pictures of some of our favorite blooms to share with you!

Crown Anemone: Anemone coronaria L.

There are a wide variety of wildflowers native to Palestine. Throughout March and April, you can see petals start to pop up and color the ground in vibrant shades of pink, yellow, red, purple, and so much more.

Palestine has a rich biodiversity of plant life that is extremely beneficial to the environment, making Palestine home to thousands of plant species around different parts of the country. This diversity of plant life also makes the landscape that much more enjoyable to look at!

Anatolia Orchid: Orchis anatolica Boiss.

And while many of these wildflowers are small, their beauty is huge. If you take a closer look at them, these wildflowers are intricate, unique, and just lovely!

Galilee Orchid: Orchis galilaea

Here at Handmade Palestine, we actively support wildflower conservation with our friends at Mashjar Juthour! Their project helps protect the biodiversity of Palestine through wildflower conservation, tree planting, and even environmental education. With the profits made from your purchases at Handmade Palestine, we donate that money to help sustain this environmental work at Mashjar Juthour.

Syrian Cornflower-thistle: Centaurea cyanoides Berggren et Wahlenb.

So celebrate with us today by appreciating and protecting these wildflowers that help make Palestine the beautiful country it is!

Also check out our Instagram where we've posted a video of our favorite wildflowers found around Palestine! 

We have a great collection of Palestinian wildflower botanic illustration here so you can bring some of these beautiful flowers home. 

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