Proudly Offering You the Best of Palestinian Olive Oil: extra virgin, rain watered, family farmed and cold pressed

Centuries ago, Palestinian farmers embarked on the cultivation of the rugged hills of this Holy Land. They painstakingly moved each rock from the soil to build terrace walls, preventing erosion and nurturing an agricultural ecosystem renowned for its olives and oil. For thousands of years, Palestinian families have tended to their precious trees, yielding high-quality olive oil that has always been part of Palestinian homes and heritage.

Introducing Shahed Olive Oil—an authentically crafted, cold-pressed, organic, and natural extra virgin oil. "Shahed" meaning "witness" is a heartfelt tribute to the Palestinian farmers and their families who have tirelessly cared for our ancient olive trees and land through the ages.

The label also pays homage to the artistry of Heba Zagout, whose life was tragically cut short by Israeli forces. In her honor, we tell a story that her art bore witness to. In the label we see a woman dressed in her Thob, Palestinian heritage dress, harvesting olives against the backdrop of an ancient home—a testament to the connection of women, cultural clothing, olive trees, and agricultural heritage. Her work and life continue to inspire us every day.

Together, Palestinian heritage and nature serve as witnesses to the enduring connection our Palestinian ancestors shared with this beautiful land—a sacred relationship and legacy we uphold as stewards—as well as the ongoing occupation that strangles our land.

Nourished by rainwater and cultivated using natural and organic methods, our trees reflect our commitment to providing the best for our children. Sourced from families of farmers in the Jenin area of Palestine and bottled by Green Gold Mill, a pioneering company dedicated to empowering small farmers and families to produce sustainable, high-quality olive oil. They work hand in hand with local farmers, providing resources, expertise, and support to cultivate the best olives and receive fair compensation for their labor.


This delicious liquid gold is available in three sizes—250ml glass bottles, 500ml tins, and 1-liter tins—and can be purchased individually or through our convenient subscription boxes. Please take the time to read the story and appreciate the original art by Shatha Safi. This is also an amazing gift for friends and a really wonderful way to share Palestinian culture. 

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