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You can't come to the artisans, so we are bringing the artisans to you.

life as an artisan in palestine

a tale of struggle & steadfastness

Covid-19 has created unprecedented challenges over the last two years for our community, who already suffers under the weight of a crushing, illegal Occupation. Tensions came to a head in May 2021 and are still rising in areas around the West Bank, while Gaza is under constant attack, and let us not forget communities in Jerusalem that are marginalized today more than ever.

All of this is devastating for artisans who are already struggling to maintain their craftsmanship and sustain their livelihoods. In a country where our people are guided by the concept of sumud صمود, our steadfastness, we always find a way to survive. That means new paths when those we have known are closed or destroyed. For artisans, who rely heavily on local markets, bazaars, and festivals to sell products, covid has been devastating but we have hope, and a plan, a campaign!

Our mission to support Palestinians artisans means we host bi annual bazaars, sell handicrafts in our display and at other venues. Due to Covid, we haven’t been able to host artisan markets since last year, which were a vital way to bring together artisans and the community. Our display in Ramallah has been fully closed since last year due to lockdowns. Further, we lost more than half of our revenue which we used to buy the handicrafts. Artisans cannot continue to make handicrafts without access to a market.

bringing us closer

Why the online bazaar?

Having an online shop saved our project so we could support Palestinian artisans. If we'd only marketed their handicrafts at our display in Ramallah, Handmade Palestine would have collapsed. Your online support has given us hope & encouragement to help more artisans.

We have curated an online bazaar for you to meet our artisans, learn where they're from, and support their work. Your donation and purchases will greatly help our artisans get back on their feet after the devastating 2 years of COVID-19.



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