Top 10 Must-Try Recipes from Our Favorite Arab Recipe Blogs

For Arab Food Month, we want to share some of our top 10 favorite recipes from five of our favorite food blogs! These five blogs are bringing the food of Palestine to tables all across the world, so we are sharing their hard work with you. Try out these recipes and explore their pages to fill your table with some of the best dishes out there!


Almond and Fig

Our friends at Almond and Fig have a special gift for all things food. From indulgent desserts to meaty dinners, they have something for everyone!


Kitfah bi al Sanieh

This dish is a perfect dinner filled with meat, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and lots of spices. This is a very versatile recipe, since kiftah can be eaten many different ways! And today, we’re shaping the minced lamb (or beef!) to make kiftah meatballs! This recipe is made in one dish and served with bread and salad, making it easy enough for anyone to make.



Almond, Fig, and Anise Cake

To finish off the meal, what could be better than cake? This cake is almost too good to be true. Made with fresh figs, olive oil, and the licorice flavor of anise, this cake won’t last long on your countertop. Garnish it with honey, sweet yogurt, almonds, fresh figs, and enjoy!


Hanady Kitchen

This is another incredible blog that we must mention. They showcase delicious meals that center whole ingredients in their recipes, bringing seasonal and organic dishes to your table.


Rkak – Lentil and Noodle Stew

What’s better than a good stew on a cold day? This meal is vegetarian-friendly and mixes warm, savory spices with the tanginess of pomegranate. Its combination of lentils, caramelized onion, and all sorts of delicious flavors are exactly what you need to warm you up on a cold night.



M’tabbak – Sweet Cheese Pastries

Of course, we have to include this indulgent sweet to our list of favorites. This fried dough filled with akkawi and topped with orange blossom syrup and pistachio has us coming back for seconds. This treat is a favorite in Old Town Jerusalem and Hanady Kitchen has brought us a way to make it at home!  



Fufu’s Kitchen

This blog showcases Palestinian dishes, along with other Arabic cuisine, with a special twist! They have put a spin on traditional recipes to accommodate dietary restrictions and enhance nutritional value.


Maqluba (Makloubeh) with Lamb

This is an indulgent lamb and rice dish that combines baked eggplant, potatoes, cauliflower, and a blend of spices. Usually prepared in one pot and flipped upside down onto a platter to showcase its layers, this meal is both beautiful, irresistible, and commonly enjoyed during Ramadan!



Date Nut Rolls

When you’re in need of a snack, these date nut rolls are the perfect choice. This treat is a sweet, crunchy, and filling way to tide you over until your next meal. These rolls are made with Majdoul dates, cocoa powder, and mixed nuts, and are a perfect addition to your snack collection!



Palestine in a Dish

This blog centers recipes from the writer Wafa’s mother. These are authentic dishes from her childhood, and now she’s sharing them with all of us! From breakfast foods to holiday meals, Wafa is making nutritious and delicious Palestinian food!


Eggplant with Tomatoes – Mousa’ah

This vegan dish is a celebration of eggplants. Imagine roasted eggplants with garlic, onion, chickpeas, bell peppers, and tomatoes. It’s almost too good to be true! This dish will win over anyone who loves roasted veggies. Serve with bread and enjoy!



Mana’eesh Za’atar

Start your day with this za’atar covered bread for breakfast. This delicious and easy dish can also be served as a snack, and makes a perfect side dish for any potluck too!



The Hummus Theory

This blog focuses on the importance of nutritional Palestinian food, especially for those in younger age groups. By making easy and healthy recipes, they hope to help young Palestinians become empowered and proud of their Palestinian identities.


Palestinian Chickpea Musabaha Toast

This colorful toast includes a number of Palestinian staples, like za’atar, sumac, and seasonal veggies found in Palestine. This recipe makes a healthy and filling breakfast, and it’s beautiful enough to make again and again.



Sweet Potato Muttabal

This snack is a staple for anyone’s kitchen. Made from roasted sweet potato, sesame tahini, lemon, and cumin, this mixture is mashed until creamy. It can be used as a dip, as a side dish, on sandwiches, and much more! Garnish with sumac and enjoy!


We hope you have some inspiration for your next cooking adventure during Arab Food Month. Check out more recipes on these blogs for even more fun for your table!

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*All photos are taken from the blogs we link to. 

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