Ideas for Mother’s Day: Celebrating Mom with Ethical, Hand-Crafted, and Unique Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate her than by getting her a gift with a story. For all the things our mothers have done for us, they deserve a meaningful, sustainable, and ethical gift on this important day. We’ve curated this list of perfect gift ideas so you can give your mom that special something to show your appreciation!


Sima’s Designs Handbags and Totes

These handbags and totes are hand-embroidered to create beautifully intricate designs. Our friend Sima Mizirawi decorates these bags with Palestinian tatreez, using the nature around Palestine as inspiration for much of her work. Her bags will bring a much-loved pop of color to your mom’s wardrobe. Read more about Sima’s work on our blog!


Olive Leaf Sterling Silver Jewelry

Zaytouna Jewelry knows how to make rings, necklaces, and earrings out of a simple olive leaf. Their collection is made from individual olive leaf casts to shape the jewelry you see today! Each piece is hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, and just stunning. These pieces are sure to make your mom smile! 


Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils

For the mom that loves to cook, consider investing in some tools from the Bethlehem Star Olivewood Factory! From lemon reamers to spoons to cutting boards, they have everything your mom would ever need. These handmade tools are made from olive trees grown in Palestine, and are carved to perfection in this Bethlehem factory!


Hand-Embroidered Shawls

These tatreez shawls from Sulafa Gaza are a beautiful addition to your mother’s wardrobe. Made with a number of traditional Palestinian motifs, these shawls not only add dimension to an outfit, but help support hundreds of artisans across Palestine. The Sulafa Embroidery Center in Gaza supports the income generation of around 250 local artisans through commissions, so you can invest in the livelihoods of the women who make these shawls just by purchasing! Learn more about the history and importance of tatreez on our blog


Unique Notebooks and Diaries

Rand Dabboor makes a number of beautiful notebooks and diaries that will surely make your mother smile. Her designs come in tatreez, Palestinian postcards, and even newspapers! Her inspiration for these designs comes from places she visits around the country, thoabs (traditional dresses), and the stories she hears. Read more about Rand and her art on our blog!

All of your purchases will help the artisans who make the products that you love! You'll be providing income generation and supporting overall livelihoods just by shopping ethically from us this holiday! So make your Mother’s Day special with these sustainable and unique gifts that keep on giving back!

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