The Perfect Christmas Card | Ethical, Sustainable, Fair Trade from Bethlehem

We want to share with you 3 reasons you should send your family and special friends this incredible handmade Christmas card from Bethlehem.

1. It was made with dignity and love by people with special needs at Oasis Center in Beit Sahour, just outside of Bethlehem. They participate in a wonderful, loving community where they are given income generation opportunities, making cards, bracelets and more. 

2. It's sustainable! Instead of the local school's trashing paper, Oasis collects and recycles it into handmade paper. And to give it an extra special touch, they add dried flowers, wild seeds and leaves.

3. The sand art is really precious scenes of Bethlehem and the people who make it are very proud of their work.

This amazing program is extra special and needs your support. Shop their Christmas cards here and then check out the rest of our holiday decor collection so you can support artisans in Palestine and give amazing gifts this holiday season!

Thank you, from Handmade Palestine and all our artisans!

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