The Olive Harvest in Palestine

It's a magical time of year in Palestine. The universities even have a day off for students to help their families in the Harvest. It's not uncommon for kids to miss school throughout the month as the Harvest continues. 

Entire families spend their days under the dusty tree, combing its branches for fruits. In the late morning, a pot of water is put on a fire to boil and sage collected from the land around to put with the tea. Breakfast is laid out on a cloth under the tree, which gives so much-its fruits, wood, and shade. All the dusty hands wash in water and break bread to dip each bowl, sharing their labor and their love.

In the evening, the family packs up with the bags from the day's harvest. When they have gathered enough, they go to the local olive press to transform the fruits to rich, thick oil.

At home, they begin the process of fermenting olives for the year to come. Every breakfast and many lunches feature a bowl of homemade olives on the table.

It's also a very important moment in the tree's annual life cycle when it is pruned and fertilized for the coming year.

October is a sacred month in Palestine where the ancient olive harvest is still a family tradition as it always has been. We invite you to Adopt an Olive Tree this season and taste the beautiful fruits of Palestinian olive trees.

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