Our Work to Support Palestinian Artisans in 2023

2023 is our year! You have made such an amazing impact on the lives of artisans in Palestine by shopping fair trade, hand made gifts in 2022! Here are some of the highlights of what we are doing right now!

Expanding Our Team: we are now a team of 5 volunteers and 2 quarter time paid creative folks who are so dedicated to this amazing brand!

Developing an Original Line of Olive Wood Kitchen Gifts: we are super excited to be working on new designs for amazing olive wood creations, directly with the wood workers in Bethlehem! And the best part is we're collaborating with our favorite blogger, Mai from Almond and Fig.

Collaborating with The Tatreez Collective: this incredible group of folks in the UK reached out to volunteer with us and we found beautiful common ground in our commitment to preserving Palestinian traditional knowledge and practices.

Crowdfunding with Amal Workshop: an amazing project to support women, Amal Workshop is going to be the first artisans we work with who produce beaded bags inspired by Palestinian embroidery motifs. We'll be launching their crowdfunding campaign this spring so stay tuned!

Launching Baladi Box: oooh this is sooo exciting! This has been a conversation for YEARS and we are finally ready to launch mybaladibox.com with special Ramadan Iftar and Eid Gift Boxes!

Collaborating with Palestinian Designer Rand Dabboor: we've been huge fans of Rand forever and are excited to finally collaborate on projects together! A little hint: the baladi box itself is going to be amazing!

Launching our Very Own Label: we're starting with some amazing quality extra virgin, cold pressed oil from olive farmers in Jenin but there's so much more coming!

Being Certified Fair Trade: and we're in the process of getting fair trade certification, because even though we trade fairly, that label counts for something!

Opening our very own fulfillment space with an amazing volunteer in Oregon and that is allowing us to expand to support more artisans in Palestine!

Opening an Amazon store to bring our olive wood collection and hopefully more handicrafts to new audiences.

Investing our Energy in Blogging More: we want to bring you more stories this year about traditional practices, foods and crafts and use our blog as a space to preserve beautiful Palestinian tradition!

Tons of other new designs, new artisans and new ideas are in the works. Many of you love to send gifts to family and friends directly through us so we're creating a free gift card to put in your box!

It's so exciting to be able to support 31 artisans and women cooperatives--hundreds of creatives in Palestine, all thanks to you!

How can you help?

1. If you see a lovely little shop where you think our artisans' handicrafts would look perfect, please connect us!

2. If you have great ideas for us on handicrafts you'd love, we always appreciate hearing from you!

3. Tell family and friends about our work--let them follow us on instagram or get our emails!

4. Sign up for Baladi Box or gift it as a friend. It's not launching until March but you can get on the email list and be the first to know about this amazing new subscription box to bring Palestine to your doorstep. Go to mybaladibox.com


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