What is the meaning of the red kuffiyah or hatta?

The Red Kuffiya

The red kuffiya is mostly used in Gulf Countries and in Jordan. It’s part of their traditional dress. Meanwhile in Palestine the red keffiyeh is worn by followers of left parties such as the PFLP.

The traditional keffiyeh of Palestine is the checkered one with black embroidery on white fabric. It is also worn by followers of Fateh. But in general it's the traditional keffiyeh used in Palestine. 

Original Hirbawi Keffiyehs

All keffiyeh shawls on Handmade Palestine were fairly sourced from the Hirbawi Factory in Hebron, which was established by Yasser Hirbawi in 1961. At the time the factory was operating with full potential of 15 machines, meanwhile after 1993 and the Oslo Accords, importing fake keffiyeh shawls from China became easier and cheaper which competed with Hirbawi factory, leaving it to only operate with 4 machines. 

Hirbawi Keffiyeh Factory - On the machine Palestine flag keffiyeh is being made

Was it red or black or any color, we wear the keffiyeh as a resemblance of our love to our country and our culture, to represent Palestine when we travel abroad and give it as a gift to our loved ones.

You can read more about the history of keffiyeh here

Many of our friends and supporters ask if it’s okay for non-arabs to wear the keffiyeh or if that’s considered cultural appropriation. We covered these answers in an article also. 


non-arab man wearing a red keffiyeh

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