Sustainable Back to School Shopping

With school just around the corner, stocking up your backpack with sustainable and ethical products is a perfect way to start the year! It’s so easy to buy quick and convenient supplies from big box stores, but you could do so much more with your purchasing power. So this year get the things that will actually last and make a real difference!


We’ve put together a collection of the essentials you’ll need this fall so you’ll be prepared for anything school throws at you. Everything in this collection is handmade by incredibly talented artisans across Palestine. And with every item you purchase, your money goes right back to these artisans so they can keep making these special handicrafts. Your purchasing power really can go far with intentional and sustainable shopping choices!  

At the start of the school year, what is more important than a pencil case? These colorful and unique cases will stand out among your classmates! These are decorated with beautifully hand-stitched tatreez from our friends at Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in Gaza City. Every piece they make is handcrafted by women who help sustain this project that creates income generation, schooling, and social spaces for the hearing impaired in Palestine!

And made from the same talented hands at Atfaluna Society, these bookmarks are an absolute must. Every student needs some fun and lasting bookmarks! Get one, get many! For the many books you’ll read throughout the year, these are the perfect addition to your school supply list. 

And of course, you’ll always need notebooks. These are designed by our very own Rand Dabboor who has a collection of inspired notebooks that showcase images and symbols of Palestinian culture. From newspapers, tatreez, and collage designs, Rand beautifully illustrates Palestine onto paper. Your purchase would not only provide income generation for Rand, but would spread these Palestinian cultural images wherever you go.

Tote bags are essential for all things school. These versatile bags are not only handy and convenient but they’re also incredibly fashionable! This tote features a beautiful design of za’atar leaves and a sumac flower along with a traditional recipe for za’atar. And when you purchase this tote, all proceeds go to tree planting in Mashjar Juthour! Your new tote is more than just an accessory – it’s preserving the natural beauty in Palestine!

So take a look at our back to school collection and make your purchasing power go to work by giving back to those who help make your handicrafts! Plus, take 10% off on purchases $50 or more with promo code School2023. Have a great start to the year with your sustainable, lasting, and meaningful gear!

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