Ramadan Gift Boxes Are Now Available to Ship Internationally!

We are excited to announce that Ramadan Gift Boxes from Palestine are back this year! We saw how much you loved these special boxes last Ramadan, so we worked hard the last two months to curate all the treats and bring them back to you for another year.

With Ramadan coming up soon, we are ready to ship the gift boxes so you can get them in time. These gift boxes include some of our favorite things from across Palestine. In fact, we’ve included one everyone's favorite treats - handcrafted chocolate dates from Jericho stuffed with Palestinian almonds. These are all the reason you need to buy this box!


But we've also included a few more reasons to buy this box:

  1. Handmade GF za’atar the way sitti used to make it.
  2. Baladi sumac from the trees of Palestine.
  3. Palestinian carob chips to make a delicious and nourishing drink!
  4. Sahlab packs for a delicious treat.
  5. Candy bars and halqoum that are all traditionally made in the Old City of Nablus.
  6. A gorgeous historics postcard of kids selling dates in front of Jerusalem's Bab al Amoud with Dua on the back.
  7. Olive wood prayer beads from Bethlehem
  8. Fattoush sticker and recipe so you can use your delicious sumac!

Everything we’ve included in this year’s Ramadan Gift Box was carefully curated and picked to bring you the best from Palestine. Each item from is meant to make this year’s holiday even more meaningful – with family recipes, treats from the homeland, and beautifully crafted keepsakes.

These boxes are an incredible way to bring the cuisine and craft of Palestine to your home for such an important holiday. We at Handmade Palestine aim to celebrate, preserve, and protect the culture – and joy! – of Palestine, so we are absolutely thrilled to share these special treats with you.

Get your Ramadan Gift Box today and bring some of the best that Palestine has to offer right to your doorstep!

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