Our Ethics: Empowering our Artisans through Fair Trade

When you hear “ethical” or “fair trade,” what comes to mind? Maybe buying direct, buying local, or just making more conscientious decisions about who you buy from. These all help you get closer to ethical consumerism. But what does it really mean to truly be an ethical brand? 


Here at Handmade Palestine, we strive to put our artisans first. We buy directly from them, and we bring their products to you. We empower our artisans by providing them with income generation, helping them sustain their livelihoods and continue to make the products that you love. We help to bring our artisans’ products across the globe, spreading the art and craftsmanship of Palestine internationally!


We embrace fair trade practices by purchasing their products directly. This means our artisans directly receive the money for their hard work. And when we sell these products to you, all profits made off these sales are donated to Mashjar Juthour in Palestine for tree planting, wildflower conservation, and environmental education. This means whenever you buy through Handmade Palestine, you know exactly where every cent of your purchase goes!


These practices are so vital in supporting local artisans. As fair trade purchasing leads to income generation, artisans have more funding and support to continue making their products. Just like with our artisan Sarab, who makes an array of beautiful straps with traditional patterns and fabrics, our partner artisans are able to continue making their products because of this income generation!


Ethical fair trade also lets us help preserve forms of traditional craftsmanship. We partner with a number of artisans who keep traditional practices alive, like olive wood carving at the Bethlehem Star Olivewood Factory, keffiyeh weaving at the Hirbawi Factory, and tatreez stitching at the Sulfa Embroidery Center. Bringing their craft to wider audiences is a way to help these traditions thrive, while also providing them with the income they need to keep these operations running! 


We truly know the impact of fair trade purchasing with our artisans in Palestine. With every purchase, we help strengthen the Palestinian economy. This also directly supports the artisan organizations that are positively contributing to communities in Palestine! Purchasing handicrafts from Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children means your money goes toward income generation for the hearing impaired, speech therapy, and schooling. Similarly, when you buy from the collection of felts from Ma’an Lil Hayyat, you support an initiative that provides a space for people with special needs to work, socialize, and make these beautiful crafts. 


We strive to be transparent about who we partner with and where your money goes! So, when you see us mention “fair trade,” you know we mean it. We work tirelessly to support our artisans through income generation and by sharing their stories, contributing to their causes, and keeping their crafts alive. 


Support our artisans and buy fair trade products! 

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