Make a Lasting Difference by Shopping Ethically this Holiday Season

With Christmas quickly approaching, it may seem too cumbersome to really research what you’re buying for your loved ones. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by holiday shopping and busy schedules! Buying gifts from big brands may seem like the easiest choice to make, but you could be using your purchases this holiday season to make a lasting difference for artisans, causes you care about, and the planet.


As an added bonus, gifts from sustainable, fair trade, and ethically-sourced companies are far more unique and meaningful than you would find from popular brands in a strip mall. For example, through Handmade Palestine you can buy keffiyehs made in the only lasting factory in Palestine that produces these traditional scarves!


Big box stores are eager to keep your money while promising that you’ve made the right choice and the best investment. When you buy from big brands, though, your purchasing power shrinks. Your money goes straight to the corporation that distributes those products, and will likely never go to individual, creative artisans to support their needs or cause.


For my family, the holiday season is about expressing love and helping others. This doesn’t stop at exchanging gifts – it’s important to go deeper than that! If you have the power to make a positive impact for real people while giving a special present to your loved one, what could be a better gift than that?

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So many companies, influencers, and even friends and family tell you that shopping ethically is important. The ethical label seems to be thrown around so many times, but what does that really mean? Does it actually make a difference to shop ethically? And how do you know if you’re participating in ethical consumerism?


One of the best ways to make an ethical Christmas for you and your loved ones is by purchasing fair trade products. By doing this, you’re investing in a more special, meaningful, and impactful holiday. The gifts you buy will not only bring a smile to your loved one’s face, but will support the many artisans that help create the products you buy.


By purchasing fair trade products, you make the choice to buy a sustainable gift that will last. Your gift will be unique and meaningful. And you know exactly where your gift was made, the methods of its production, and exactly who the artisans behind these special products are. You won’t be engaging in fast fashion or trends from big brands that can be easily discarded. You’re making a real investment that directly impacts the lives of the people you buy from.


Here at Handmade Palestine, every product in store is purchased fair trade. More than 30 artisans from Palestine work tirelessly to create products for your home, your wardrobe, and for so much more. Every gift you buy from Handmade Palestine will directly support these artisans, and any profits made from these sales are donated to Mashjar Juthour in Palestine for tree planting, wildflower conservation, and environmental education!


It’s easy to forget that your purchases this holiday season do make a difference and have an impact greater than their unwrapping on Christmas day. But don’t wait for New Years to make the change for a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle. Make the decision to invest in an ethical, meaningful, and impactful holiday season now!


So this Christmas, make a lasting difference in the lives of many by purchasing ethically. Shop our ethical holiday collection here.

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