Celebrating World Biodiversity Day in Occupied Palestine


Today marks World Biodiversity Day, also known as the International Day for Biological Diversity.

The day serves as a crucial reminder to deepen our understanding and raise awareness of biodiversity issues, particularly those stemming from human activities, such as change of land use, pollution and climate change, but especially for us in Palestine, the catastrophic "ecocide" that is happening before our eyes in Gaza.


The devastation inflicted upon Gaza has rendered the land uninhabitable, with olive groves and farms destroyed, soil and groundwater contaminated, and the air and sea polluted. The scale of this destruction poses significant threats to Gaza’s ecosystems and biodiversity, prompting calls for its recognition as “ecocide” and investigation as a possible war crime.

Palestinian culture is rooted in this land and the sacred and historic relationship the Palestinian people have had through the millennia as stewards of this land. Our very own Mashjar Juthour stands as a shining example of biodiversity conservation, dedicated to preserving natural heritage and safeguarding wildlife.

Biodiversity is undeniably one of our planet's most precious assets, deserving of protection. Simply discussing biodiversity loss with friends and family can help raise awareness and inspire collective action. And there are numerous ways we can contribute to biodiversity conservation, such as cultivating insect-friendly plants; allowing our gardens or outdoor spaces to flourish naturally; planting native trees, shrubs, and plants; and supporting local environmental organizations.

One of the most important designs we've created over the years is our wildflower art and educational games, because we do the vital work of naming our natural heritage that is being actively erased and appropriated by our colonizers. Pass on Palestinian natural heritage and gift our children’s matching card or Who Am I games, designed to educate young ones about wildlife.

Together, let us embrace the richness of our natural world and take meaningful steps to preserve it for future generations.

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