Nursing necklaces and teething rings: a remedy for babies, and a relief for mamas!

How to soothe a 3-month teething baby?

Teething sucks. I’ve heard about these mythical babies who seem totally unbothered by teething, but I always put it down to a mom not seeing signs of teething. Because, really, how could that not hurt any human kid?

My own started at 2 months. And it was awful. It was also a bit annoying to be told that I was wrong. I just thought he was teething because I was a first time mom (I really hated this line of argument for dismissing my observations on so many issues). It was way too early. There was no way it was teething.

Well it was teething. At three month, that first tooth popped through. I felt vindicated. But really only for a second, because mostly I felt terrible that my little one was suffering through teething so early. And it didn’t stop until he was one and a half.

Some babies have it hard than others. My kid seriously struggled through teething. Which makes me something of an expert on finding relief for a teething baby.

Teething Remedies at home: Here’s what I used; what worked, and what didn’t

  1. Brandy. Ironically, I was nervous to give him anything not natural but I felt totally okay with rubbing a wet finger over his gums. I used brandy because of the alcohol content being lower than whiskey, etc. Palestinians often use Arak but I hate the smell personally. The baby loved the brandy but it was probably because it was sweet.
  2. Chamomile tea: I made him fresh chamomile tea and let him suck it off a spoon. Just dried chamomile flowers steeped in hot filtered water.
  3. Teeth Tamer: this is liquid gold for a teething baby! It took me a while (I live in occupied Palestine so post is not so ideal for getting supplies) to receive a bottle this from Earthley. I ended up making my own with the recipe they offered here: And let me tell you, my kid LOVES this stuff. And I do too. It’s basically what my mom used on us--cloves. Because mama knows best.
  4. Teething rings and Nursing Necklaces. Dare I admit that a good friend bought me a teething ring that I put on my registry, and (she still doesn’t know this) it splintered and bled in my baby’s mouth. So obviously I’m not recommending that brand. But I do recommend Little Olea teething rings and nursing necklaces. And I’m super excited to say why…

Natural Teething Relief: Little Olea

Mama and Baby using Little Olea's Teething Necklace


After the “handmade” teething ring my friend got me off Etsy flopped, I realized that the only alternatives available around me were plastic teething accessories. And I’m really not into plastics in my little ones mouth. So I designed my own ring and set out for land of olive wood workers: Bethlehem.

After visiting an absurd number of workshops, and hearing how impossible my order was, I eventually found artisans willing to attempt hand carving my beads. A month of back and forth, and I had the first, rough versions of Little Olea.

If anyone held my baby, I slipped my Little Olea nursing necklace off my neck and onto theirs. It was my baby’s constant, almost like a blanky. And he gnawed and gnawed on it. You might say he was the tester.

Teething Bracelet Made from Olivewood in Bethlehem | Little Olea | Handmade Palestine

Friends asked for nursing necklaces to wear for their babies, and teething rings. And gift bags. And it all sort of took off. I wouldn’t say it got too far. I was a mom after all, and mostly busy with my little one. I still make Little Olea. And at some point I’ll write a post about all the artisans involved and how we create these beautiful wooden teething accessories, but for now I leave you with this.

Teething seriously sucks. So go to and get some teeth tamer. And go to and get a teething ring. And just remember on all those sleepless nights, that little one is having a harder night than you are.

Click to view Little Olea's nursing necklace and teething rings 

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