Why Does Palestine Resist? And How To Support Palestinians!

Since 1948, Palestine has been under violent occupation. And with each passing year, the Israeli state seizes more and more native Palestinian land. This is an occupation that reaches every aspect of Palestinian life and violates every basic human right— and necessitates a deep resistance. A resistance that is a core right of any occupied people.

The events of the past few days should not be viewed in a vacuum. They are the result of a decades-long oppression. They come after countless homes have been taken and lives altered and destroyed. They are reactions to a life lived in an open-air prison. They are acts of a god given right to resistance. 

Since Saturday, the Palestinian resistance has been able to take back and re-enter lands outside of the Gaza Strip that have been occupied for decades. Because Gaza was under a military blockage, Palestinians were not allowed to enter these lands outside Gaza since they were claimed as illegal Israeli settlements. And with the Palestinian resistance’s surprise bombardment on Israeli forces and settlements since early Saturday, we have seen an emotional return to these lands. The strength of this resistance was unprecedented, with the reach of hundreds of Palestinian fighters shocking Israeli forces with this unforeseen act of resistance. 

What has happened can only be described as liberation—even if only for a day. This crucial, emotional, and justified step is part of a larger land-back movement to reclaim native lands that have been occupied by the Israeli state for over 75 years. This movement is about the ability to return home.

No matter what, Palestinians have the right to resist. Each and every day, Palestinians are targeted by the settler state, imprisoned, and killed. So for this weekend’s events to unfold, with Palestinians tearing down settler fences in Gaza, walking on the soil taken from them more than 75 years ago, and breathing in the real feeling of liberation - this is what Palestine fights for. This is the strength, the bravery, the depth of Palestine.

These acts of resistance are the vital ingredient that fuels the prospect of freeing Palestine. These are the acts of decolonization that brings us closer to Palestinian liberation. So standing in solidarity with Palestine is important now more than ever. 

Show your solidarity with Palestine by sharing news from reliable sources like Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye, and the IMEU. Follow these sources on social media to stay up to date on all the news. Join a march in your area to voice your support. Connect with networks like the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, the UK Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, and the transnational Palestinian Youth Movement. These organizations provide resources like reading lists, advocacy toolkits, and breakdowns of different campaigns that help move us toward a free Palestine.

Wear your keffiyeh to show your solidarity. Wear it with pride and let people ask you why you wear it. Be open to conversations about Palestine, and help others understand the importance of a free Palestine. You can also donate to mutual aid funds that help folks in Palestine today. These can be organized by grassroots activists to help with things like construction on homes that have been destroyed, food, clothing, and even school supplies. 

Boycott Israeli products and companies that profit from settler colonialism. You can make an economic impact by collectively refusing to engage in consumerism that gives money to the companies that benefit from violence against Palestine. Find out more about what to boycott and how this helps in the Palestinian fight.

Palestinian resistance is a right, and it is necessary. This weekend’s events show just how impactful this can be. Each and every day, we take a step closer to a free Palestine. 

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