Msakhan Chicken: Seasonal Palestinian Recipe Inspired by Autumn

Palestinian culinary tradition is deeply rooted in the land and the seasons that bring the rains and the sun. A historically wheat culture, Palestinians have grown ancient grains for centuries and have a rich variety of wheat as well as forms for preparing and recipes for cooking the wheat. From the sweet holiday dish Burbara with wheat berries to the famous salad tabouli with cracked wheat, Palestinian culinary tradition is rich in wheat dishes. Many meals are served with warm taboun, a bread made from whole grain wheat flour and baked on hot rocks over a fire.

Perhaps the most famous dish featuring taboun is Msakhan Chicken. While everyone eats Msakhan year round, it was originally an autumnal dish best enjoyed after the olive harvest. It was created to highlight the taste of freshly pressed oil (check out our amazing Palestinian oils here) and hand harvested sumac. And because it was the season of sous al-teen, the young chicks that come of age at the end of the fig season, these seasonal treats were combined into the perfect dish: Msakhan.

This weekend, we cooked Msakhan on the mountain at Mashjar Juthour over an open fire with fresh khubz taboun. Nothing ever tasted so incredible. We want you to enjoy it in your home, and next time you come to Palestine, join us on the mountain where we invite you to explore the Tastes of Palestine.


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It’s lovely to hear those historical tidbits of our culture! Maybe a recipe?

Rima Bird November 01, 2022

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