Meet the Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society

We are incredibly excited to introduce you to our new partner – the Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society. This is an incredible group based in Bethlehem that creates pathways for local artisans to showcase their work to the world through fair trade. Since 1981, they have worked tirelessly to preserve and celebrate the craftsmanship of Bethlehem and its surrounding villages.

The society is comprised of 35 members who produce artisanal goods, like olive wood and mother-of-pearl handicrafts. This organization also provides market access for its outside partners like local women’s enterprise groups as well as organizations that work with people who have special needs. In all, HLHCS benefits around 2,000 people within the area through market collaboration. 

This is the only cooperative-run fair trade shop of its kind in Bethlehem!

HLHCS aims to preserve the heritage of Palestinian handicrafts and culture for future generations. Through its clear dedication to its artisan members, this organization works to ensure that traditions like olive wood carving, for example, are protected and uplifted. So not only do their artisans have access to ethical and fair market practices, members also have access to workshop renovations and equipment to keep them safe and healthy while creating traditional crafts. HLHCS has become an incredible example of how to support artisans and preserve handicrafts.

For this organization, olive wood is more than just a raw material. With the historical and cultural significance of olive trees within Palestine, HLHCS recognizes the importance of preserving and celebrating its symbolism. This means it’s necessary to protect the olive trees that support the livelihoods of nearly 800,000 Palestinians. The organization’s crafts are produced using pruned branches, collected without harming or removing the ancient trees.

That being said, we are extremely excited to showcase some of HLHCS’s olive wood crafts here at Handmade Palestine! In our Easter gift boxes, we’ve included their gorgeous Easter egg carving to the mix. These make for incredible gifts for both you and your loved ones! You can also pick up HLHCS’s olive wood crafts on their own to add to your Easter décor. 

We are honored to work with such an incredible organization, and we’re so glad to share their wonderful story with you.

Remember to keep boycotting and "buycotting" for Palestine.

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